Thursday, September 1, 2005

Ok, So I'm preparing for an update with some significant animation and style in the next
coming weeks.

For now, check out this "" that I did to work out some motion styles I'm wanting to incorporate.

I'm almost 100% complete with Future-Girl, and will be having her run through some action sequences for some
visual payoff soon! I'm excited and can't wait to show them off

I'm a huge fan of
Gennedy Tartakovsky's sensibility,
Hayao Miyazaki's heart,

Shane Gline's color and style,
Brad Bird's storytelling, and about a million
other influences that are just too numerous to list here.

It's my hope that Invasion will be a fusion of the these influences thrown into a pot, simmered to perfection
and served up with a side of belly tingling goodness! More to come soon!!