Thursday, July 6, 2006


So finding time to work on the trailer is the challenge these days. With work, and the fact I'm a social butterfly it has become increasingly difficult to make time to work on the Teaser...

That being said, I have some new stuff. I have completed a Color-Script for the animatic, and they look awesome. I've also finished the first shot from the Teaser and am moving onto the next shot. My goal is to have a finished Teaser with audio out by Christmas! That gives me a deadline to hit... and should be dooable if I actually sit down and work on it like I should.

So I debated about showing these. Irregardless, here they are.

I am however, holding back the Teaser-Animatic until I get a few more scenes under my belt.
This basically is just color reference and direction for the Teaser. The color frames are just imagry I either created, painted, found, or montgued into what you see here. I'll be using them to reference for pallete when I'm building the scenes... They evolve in the pre-vis scene but will stay pretty close to the drawn boards. Now leave me be, so I can get back to the next shot. Enjoy.